Breaking World Records in Knoxville

Join Knoxville's Largest Kids Party this year and be a part of the action! World Record Martial Artist Leif Becker needs your help to break his own record by smashing through 500 Karate Boards in just ONE MINUTE!

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Our Goal

Raise $125,000 for Childhelp


Childhelp is a national foundation and has been a part of East Tennessee for over 25 years, assisting abused children and finding foster homes for them to live. Your support will bring a voice to the children of Knoxville who are unable to share theirs.

Sponsor a Child

Children from across East Tennessee who are assisted by Childhelp have shared their voices on each board that will be broken during the event and we need YOUR help sharing each message!

Select a child's board from our gallery.
Personalize your sponsor page with your own message.
Share your child's board with your friends, family, and community.

Each Board Tells a Story

The kids that Childhelp serves have had their voices taken away from them by their circumstances. The boards they have created are a way for them to express themselves and tell their stories. By sponsoring a child, you have the opportunity to become their voice and share their story with the world.

Breaking Barriers Building Futures

Over the past 20 years World Record Martials Arts Master, Leif Becker has intertwined the excitement and exhilaration of board breaking with the opportunity to connect, direct and bring awareness to children facing challenges on a daily basis. Leif's events have garnered international exposure while raising tens of thousands of dollars for children in need. Below are highlights and components that have cultivated success across the country.

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